Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Pumpkin Head

"This story," Raylee began suddenly, startling the teacher into settling back into her chair, "is a scary one.  It's about a little boy named Pumpkin Head."

Ms. Grinby sucked in her breath; there were some whisperings from the class which she quieted with a stare.

"Pumpkin Head," Raylee went on, her voice small and low but clear and steady, "was very lonely. He had no friends. He was not a bad boy, and he liked to play, but no one would play with him because of the way he looked.

"He was called Pumpkin Head because his head was too big for his body. It had grown too fast for the rest of him, and was soft and large. He only had a little patch of hair, on the top of his head, and the skin on all of his head was soft and fat. You could almost pull it out into folds. His eyes, nose, and mouth were practically lost in all the fat on his face."

- Al Sarrantonio