Thursday, November 10, 2022

Crows, Wind And Creaking Oak Tree

I combined the below ambient track with a dark ambient tune for my Halloween 2022 soundscape.  I found myself listening to this a lot during the season.  And I'm not sure why I haven't explored actual sound effects until now.  A lot of people commented that they thought there were real crows cawing.  And the wind effect is something I've long dreamt of to have playing in the background.  Thanks, Audacity program!

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Revenant Manor said...

Layering in those natural sounds is a game-changer, isn't it?

Similar to the way you've used the wind, I think, my baseline soundscape starts with a chirping crickets layer that is a perfect stand-in for our natural background (at least when a bunch of people aren't all gathered in one area causing them to hush, anyway).

I've found so many audio clip gems at that it probably numbers in the hundreds by now.

Adding in a few cawing crows, a hooting owl, and some thunder just gives everything so much natural depth!

This year, I finally took another big step and carried the sound throughout the display rather than having it primarily concentrated in the cemetery area....I found a pair of Bluetooth capable / weather resistant speakers that were placed on either side of the walkway, and created a stereo effect while folks traveled down the path to / from the cemetery.

I don't know why it took me so long to do that, but boy was it a BIG improvement!

Rot said...

That all sounds amazing! Would love to experience your Haunt in person.

Revenant Manor said...

I was REALLY happy with the result this felt super immersive, and it "only" ran me ~$60 for what I felt was a really simple solution with a significant impact.

And, of course, the gates are always open down here, so if for some reason you ever found yourself in the deep south around Halloween, I think I can arrange a backstage tour.

Somehow, I suspect your calendar may be otherwise occupied, though. ;)

(BTW- I think if I whine one more time about being able to see one of your displays in person, someone is going to throw a pumpkin at me)

Rot said...

haha, nahhhh

Otaku said...

Yes, Audacity is definitely my friend as well. I've used it for graveyard ambiance tracks, offsetting thunder soundtracks to create delay between the flash and the crash, individual prop sounds, everything.
Those little mp3 players I found several years back are still working and are great for looping sounds.