Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Revenant Manor Halloween 2022


Click below for an amazing Haunt presented in a wonderful video.


MR. Macabre said...

Beautifully done, and so many tiny details to watch out for. That fountain is 'frickn awesome.

Holy Tarra said...

Why...WHY...WHYYY can't I ever get my fog to look like that??!!! That cemetery is gorgeous!
So many increadible headstones and sculptures! Revenant Manor...I'm wondering how many people it takes to get your Haunt set-up? It looks daunting to say the least. Beautiful work. : )

Wren said...

Love the jackos over the door, the lighting…. And I can’t believe the high level of detail in all the props! So well done!

Rot said...

Yeah, world class stuff right there.

K.O. said...

Excellent cemetery packed with tons of cool details!!! I really love the skulls in the tree bark--very neat. And dang, they achieved the *perfect* fog!!

Revenant Manor said...

Thanks for all of the encouraging words, all of you fine Halloween folks!

It's always gratifying when the people that really know what goes into this stuff can find something to appreciate in the display.

Holy Tarra-

I'm pretty much a one-man operation, but I do slowly establish the display incrementally over the entire month (week 1 gets lighting such as the uplights and witch jars, week two sees the cemetery columns, fence, and stones go down, etc.), and am usually only fully ready with a couple days to spare (and I'm ALWAYS having to fix / replace something on the Big Day)

Using that approach A) makes it somewhat manageable, and B) allows it to appear as though everything just 'manifests' as no one ever really sees anything actually happening.

As for the fog, I kind of cheat! I have essentially forced a scenario where the cemetery is just a big box (house on the left, dense hedge to the left, cemetery / projection walls at the back) which allows me to kind somewhat control how much the wind can impact matters.

In addition, the leaves that go down to hide the driveway are often damp (and if not, I can always hit 'em with the hose), which really helps the fog cling as it emerges.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for virtually visiting our little corner of Halloweentown!

Rot said...

Thanks for sharing that!
And that's a great tip about wetting the leaves!

Such an amazing Haunt. The video is incredible.

Holy Tarra said...

Good to know!!!! I'm gonna try the wet leaves trick tomorrow....still taking photos. Wow! One man show, huh? Amazing!!!