Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Monster Bat

I started hearing a loud flapping noise that sounded like a flag blowing in the breeze and I thought it must have been a semi truck on the overpass that got a flat tire. However when I got under the overpass the noise was so loud it was almost ear splitting. I looked out my driver window and I saw a monstrously huge bat with a wingspan longer than my SUV (ford escape) and who's body was larger than my own (I am 6'4" and 240lbs), it was on the opposite side of the street separated by the support columns. It had the snub nose face of a vampire bat, but it's face resembled more of a gorilla almost. The overpass is illuminated underneath by street lights and when the beasts wings were up I could see it's veins through the membrane of it's wings. It almost looked like it's flight was incredibly labored as though it was struggling to keep itself in the air. I immediately began to panic and rolled my window up. As soon as the beast and myself were out from underneath the overpass it shot straight upwards into the sky and turned east flying higher and higher and was soon out of sight. 

Text source.

Image by Scott Daniel Ellison.