Monday, May 29, 2023

Dinner And Jerry Dandrige

We had the wonderful opportunity to see Fright Night (1985, of course) on the big screen this weekend.  Seeing those actors and those effects so large was pure bliss.  The sound system in the theater was incredible, and I found myself noticing details I hadn't heard before. 

Fun to note that I saw Fright Night when it was first released in theaters, with my mother and brother.  We were instantly hooked.  Literally have watched it over a hundred times easy.  

SO grateful theaters still run old films.  Definitely will make a habit of dinner, cocktails, and an old movie from my past.  The movies that made me want to make monsters, work on special effects in Hollywood (kinda sorta happened), and movies that added magic to this guy's life.


Haunted Eve said...

One of Mr. Haunted Eve's favorite movies of all time. Saw it in the theater when it came out as well. And while I still love the movie, to this day I'm sill perplexed as to what undead category did Jerry Dandridge's minion Billy Cole precisely fall into? I was never one to buy into the "half vampire" theory, nor the "golem" theory, having done an oral research presentation for my 9th grade English class (before the movie came out), where I presented the folklore are historical fact to my peers, not as fantasy (landed me an A). I always felt the movies production crew just wanted to use artistic license and toss in another cool visual effect and ignored widely accepted mythological canon to what a vampire's familiar/minion actually is.

Rot said...

Exactly!!! It bothers me til this day!!!

Revenant Manor said...

Now that's a great night out!

For some reason, we don't really seem to have anyone doing anything like that in our neck of the woods. (The Plaza in downtown ATL does Rocky Horror on Friday nights, but that seems to be about it).

MR. Macabre said...

The closest thing to your experience was when our son and myself saw Nightmare Before X-mas a few years ago on halloween night in a theater. I had taken him to see it as a birthday gift for his then 10th birthday in '93. His b'day is on Nov. 4th, so we went to Fuddruckers for dinner, then we saw the movie.
Fright Night is an awesome movie.
RIP Roddy McDowell.

Rot said...

Thanks for sharing such a nice memory!