Sunday, May 28, 2023


I've been mentioning Art in the Age on this blog for a while.  They make and sell the most peculiar and intriguing spirits.  We stopped in this weekend and the experience far surpassed anything that I was hoping for... the place is amazing.  

Shelves loaded with bitters of every kind.  Rows and rows of crafted liqueurs and spirits.  Beautiful labels with words like Damson Plum, Green Crab, Sierra Fig, and Bloody Butcher.

Their cocktails were small works of art, and the sampling flights revealed that these unique offerings were the real deal.  

I couldn't wait to try House of Tamworth's Crab Trapper.  I needed this peculiar thing to taste of the sea.  To be a summer whiskey.  Something you might take to a beach weekend.  A drink only sipped during the hottest days of the year.  

Crab Trapper turned out to be an intensely smooth whiskey that finishes with the subtle briny flavor of sweet crab.  It's the most delightful oddity.  

Definitely going to visit again soon.


Revenant Manor said...

A few observations:

- I've been lucky enough to enjoy a couple of bourbons from the folks at Tamworth, so the prospect of being able to sit down in the tasting room and have ALL of the options available is incredibly appealing; even crab!

- So much much that is associated with the Quaker City Mercantile (Art in the Age, Tamworth, Hendrick's Gin, etc.) is's tempting to give just about anything they're involved with a try

- For interested parties, their 'Graverobber Unholy Rye' appears to be available on the site again

- The tags for this post are 100% on-point, and I had a legitimate laugh-out-loud moment when confronted with the unvarnished truth

Rot said...

Haha was hoping that would make you laugh!

We had a blast there. Didn’t want to leave!

They didn’t have Graverobbers for tasting unfortunately.

Lady M said...

Hmm - golly - can't say I have ever longed for the taste of crab in my beverages.

Rot said...