Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Scarrie Halloween

A really neat video below (and I can't recall ever seeing a larger faux cemetery):


Justin D said...

Scarrie is great! She has a ton of great how-to videos online, plus her yard is HUGE! I can't believe she's able to fill almost all of it.

MR. Macabre said...

That place is very cool and impressing. I like the ghost flying by in the background.

VeraL said...

I like her video on how she lights the graveyard so raising the floodlights and also bought some of the flameless candles.

My "problem" is that I have this neighbourhood that is very ethnically diverse with multiple generations going around in groups and many immigrants. I tossed all my skeletons, tombstones, anything "death" related. Went with lighting,pumpkins, spiders, cauldrons, many of your bloody jars lit with candles, so the scare factor is all in your mind. I thought I was pretty safe but this past Halloween I had a little girl start crying looking at the jar lights. Why, a Ukrainian refugee who had just come to Canada so I explained through an interpreter that they were paint and not real blood. Oh my, poor baby.

I love your blog and your many creative ideas, of which I try to borrow bits and pieces to fit my theme. Even your simple pumpkin carvings, placements and thoughtful lighting ideas are an inspiration to me.

Rot said...

That's a difficult spot to be in. As it's easy to just say "do whatever you want!" but the reality is that you really do have to be a good neighbor and be concerned about putting people off and offending your neighbors. It's the human thing to do to worry about that stuff, so I respect your decisions immensely.