Thursday, August 14, 2008

Conal Cochran

Lover of practical jokes. The inventor of sticky toilet paper, the soft chainsaw, and the dead dwarf gag. Founder and CEO of Silver Shamrock Novelties. Mr. Conal Cochran.

I'd love to work for this guy.

Some resources.


bean said...

"A joke on the children!"

One of my favorite lines, "It's getting late, and I could use a drink."

Rot said...

Dr Challis kicks arse.
There must be something wrong with me - I have loved Conal Cochran for as long as I can remember. He's the most perfect villain to me. His "you don't really know much about Halloween..." speech is the greatest moment in cinema history to me (i realize what i'm saying)

and I LOVE that line about the Drink...Dr Challis can prioritize like the best of them.

Grim said...

I wish I had an Army of robots that could help me build Halloween props and take care of people I don't like. Just kidding about that last part... well maybe.