Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Halloween Residue

I've posted pics from this photographer in the past (multiple times I believe), but I didn't notice this one before. I pasted the caption that accompanied the photo below.

Well after 1 am I headed out to bask in the afterglow of Halloween. The wind was just right. Leaves were falling and all was still in my neighborhood. Earlier tonight, when I was on my way home from work I found a little table outside one of the apartments in my building. It had a bowl of candy, all kinds, and a note which said to take a few pieces. So, even though I had worked all night I took a few pieces away with me, some Smarties and some Nerds. It was almost like a sacrament for me. I knew I was making those people happy by taking some, even though they were most likely asleep by that time as all the lights were off in their apartment. Later, after I was home I set out again and stole through the night, noting all the homes, the Halloween decorations still standing which most likely will be gone in a day or two. All was still and peaceful. I always love walking at night, but especially on Halloween.

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Unknown said...

I can totally identify with this. It's long been a tradition of mine... to go on the midnight/1am walk on Halloween night. I usually grab a black cloak and head out into the night. It makes me smile to see jack-o-lanterns still lit, and just listen to the quiet breeze. All is still and silent. It's magic. said...

you haunter people are cool. i've never even thought of doing this. I might do that this year!

Jon Glassett said...

This year, after the candles go out, I'll be taking to the streets with my camera.