Thursday, August 28, 2008

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch

The great unsung hero of the HALLOWEEN franchise. My personal favorite too. For those who attack the idea of the film being called HALLOWEEN III while containing no Michael Myers, it probably should be known that the original intent was to have a film released each year which delt with a story that took place around Halloween night, with no Michael Myers in sight since he had been killed in HALLOWEEN II. I, for one, would have enjoyed that. Especially when considering the offerings of the sequals which did include Myers (though I happen to enjoy HALLOWEEN IV for the most part, but that's IT).

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bean said...

and what he said was, "they're gonna kill us all," and in a little while he was dead, and i don't know what the hell is going on.

Johnny said...

Ok, now this is a big part of how I started following this blog to begin with.
I could not agree more. The TV spots for this movie are some of my earliest memories of seeing commercials for a movie and BEGGING my parents to see it. (Wasn't allowed btw) The spots were SO creepy. Now I was under the impression back then that the movie involved kids putting on the masks cursed by a witch and becoming the monsters on Halloween. (A concept I would still love to see)
But I love this movie. I realize that most of the movie viewing public doesn't get that at all, but the atmosphere of this movie is fantastic.
Plus, one of the best scores ever!!

I do wish they would revive the idea of a yearly Halloween with a different story. It's a great idea and it could work with todays diverse outlets. SAW every Halloween just doesn't cut it. (heh) What does SAW have to do with Halloween anyway?

Woops. Sorry about the rant. But it's a topic near and dear to my heart.

Nev said...

Everything after H3 sucked and its too bad because I think they really had something here. And to own that title. What a waste. Though I dress up as Myers every year and H1 is my favorite movie of all time, unlike Michael himself I think the original concept should be 'resurrected'.