Thursday, August 14, 2008


German Incense Smokers, that is.
I happen to own this little witch smoker. Her body lifts up so a small incense cone can be placed on a metal plate that rests on the top of her legs. Smoke will slowly rise up through the cauldron and then drop over the sides of it. Pretty darn neat. When I get some more cones, I'll snap a pic or two of the smoke in action.

Witch smokers.

More smokers.


Anonymous said...

My mom would go crazy for that thing. She's an incense fiend. I am too, but I like the big long stick kind :)

Anonymous said...

I have a smoker like that, too, only, the witch is sitting in the cauldron and the smoke comes up from underneath it. The witch actually looks a little like my grandmother.

All in all, I like yours better. :)