Thursday, August 28, 2008

Halloween At The Office

Being a huge fan of Halloween, you'd think I'd be into coworkers dressing up in costumes in the office during the holiday. For some strange reason, I get creeped out by it, and have never taken part in it. Fortunately, for the last few years, I haven't had to worry about it since I take a bunch of days off around Halloween, but every now and then the office Halloween party is scheduled on a day that falls on the week before Halloween. So I'm in the office and horrified.
Things that usually happen:
1. The more unstable people in the office always dress in loud costumes that could easily hide a sidearm.
2. The intellectual oddball dresses in an obscure costume referencing only something that he or she understands.
3. Some girl dresses in something highly inappropriate.
4. A bunch of people use it as an excuse to dress down and wear jeans and some dumb Halloween t-shirt.
5. A STAR WARS or STAR TREK fan jumps on this golden opportunity to shine.

One Halloween many years ago, some guy dressed as Frankenstein and wore platform shoes. He looked great. And then he tripped. Spiral fracture. There musn't be much worse in life than being made up like Frankenstein and getting taken to an emergency room at a hospital.

Here are some office Halloween photos that prove my point nicely. : )

The guy dressed as Otis from DEVIL'S REJECTS should get a raise. So should the guy dressed as the boss from OFFICE SPACE.
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Jon Glassett said...

No comment.

-The "intellectual" oddball said...

dude, this is hilarious. Same at my office!
The lady about to stab the clown in the neck is classic.

Rot said...

jon! ha!

do tell.

Jon Glassett said...

You know that mask I featured on my site a short while back?

Oh, yeah. Totally wore it to work. With the hooded cloak.

What's that line from "Anchorman" when Will Ferrell jumps into the bear habitat to rescue his girlfriend?

"I immediately regret my decision!"

Rot said...

Damn, THAT is hysterical!

Johnny said...

I like using Halloween to wear all of you favorite sports franchises merchandise.

Dave Lowe said...

Funny. The ones that get under my skin, similar to #4, are the people who dress like any other day but wear just a bit of a costume like a devil horn headband or witch hat.

I don't really get why it bugs me so. I think it's because 5 times out of 10, they're the needy types in the office who run around saying

"See? See my devil horns? I'm wearing them because remember that time Bob in shipping called me a little devil last May? Remember? Remember? See? I love Halloween too! Please like me."

Jon Glassett said...

It's amazing how long embarrassment stays fresh...

Rot said...

Or the dreaded "THIS IS MY COSTUME" t shirt.

bean said...

i never did the costume thing. but i would wear all black. hopefully, that counts...somehow. for good or bad, i'm not sure. :)

Grim said...

Makes you wonder just what some people are thinking... "Now THIS will look good!" Loved the Bill Lumbergh costume also, that is one of my all time favorite movies. Kind of reminds me of any place I have ever worked in one way or another.

Unknown said...

Yes, the Lumbergh costume rocks.

Ugh, we have the same sort of Halloween office parties here too, with a lot of the same ridiculous "I tried" sort of costumes. I don't usually wear one, or I just thrown on the black tunic+cape. One of the recent years I did my reaper thing though... And everyone loved it. I sort-of had the thought of "what qualifies you to judge my costume?" :) lol