Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Competition

Found a set of photos on Flickr.com featuring a lot of the other scarecrows at the Competition.
The last three rows of thumbnails are the scarecrows in the Quite the Character category. That's where I entered Tin Man.


Darkrose Manor said...

Has the judging commenced as of yet or does that take place later? Would love to hear that you won this year. You absolutely deserve it... especially after seeing the rest of the competition. ;) While many of them were quite creative in their overall concept, you still take the cake as far as we are concerned.

Rot said...

Appreciate that : )

I think judging is for the first two or three weeks of the display. Then it takes a week to find out who won.

joy said...

The Tin Man looks awesome!
He kind of stands out in the crowd!! : )
Good Luck!

JHMDF said...

Hehe, the "pumpkin cycle of life" is a pretty cool... no Tin man, but cool.