Monday, September 28, 2009


Click to watch the new trailer for A Nightmare on Elm Street...the remake.


Jay's Shadow said...

I am not sure about this. I like to see it cause I like to see how Freddie Kruger started out and how he became the boogie man he is, but then they show the rest of the original movie redone.
Its like Halloween, I enjoyed seeing the early stages of Michael Myers, but then the rest was old news.
Maybe they should just make a movie about the life and times of these guys before they became the popular killers we grew to love.

Grim said...

I hate it that I am almost always disappointed with most remakes. I can never resist watching them though, hopefully this one will be a good one.

Unknown said...

Hey im not sure about this remake either. Although the originals are pretty hokey!

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The Blob

Jon Glassett said...

On the one hand, Jackie Earle Haley is the man.

On the other, Michael Bay should be put down for the benefit of all mankind. Hopefully his name is the only thing of his that is associated with this movie.

Otherwise, I'm psyched to see Freddie get a makeover. The character has great potential but he got turned into such a clown over time.

Nev said...

Freddy looks TERRIBLE!!! Google his new look, theres a make up test.
ANyways, he looks like a real burn victim who was just released from the hospital. Not the demonic nightmare haunting monster he is.
And as for the trailer? Meh, nothing grabbed me at all. I think its gonna be a big FAIL.

Sara said...

Well, at least I'm not emotionally attached to Freddy like I am to the Halloween franchise so I have some sort of hope for this.

Second reaction, uhm since when do burn victims have to sound like Christian Bale's Batman?? I don't like his lips being burned to the point of not opening his mouth. Freddy's tongue was like a second character, I'm gunna miss that,lol.

Third rection, I think the rest of the movie looks bad ass and I'm digging it.

THANK YOU for posting this! I'm so busy that I rarely have time to seek out movie trailers like I used to. Who knows *when* I would have seen this. It totally made my day!!! :D

Rot said...

I feel the same way.
I'm not too attached to the character so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I'm mixed on the burn makeup. It actually made me feel badly for burn victims, which probably isn't the desired effect.

I was joking with Bean about the voice sounding like Colonel Tye from Battlestar Galactica.

And I had the strange feeling he's not the child killer and is erroneously burned. I hope that's not the case.

Sara said...

Dude, you took the rest of the words out of my mouth. I, too, fear him being erroneously burned. I was actually going to add that above but figured my post was already long enough. I don't want to feel sorry for Freddy and I already do since he looks so realistically burned...GAH Michael Bay! *shakes fist*

I'm still totally excited though, lol. Just phoned my little brother and we went all fangirly over it all. :) Horror brings families together!

The Gill-Man said...

I've read the script, so I can tell you if you really want to know! I won't post a spoiler here, but I will say that the script is pretty solid, although it has some of the worst dialogue I've ever read! It is a return to Freddy being more like his depiction in the original Wes Craven film. He's more of a frightening figure, instead of the Henny Youngman of Horror.

Black Friday said...

Hopefully this movie turns out to be good...i'm getting a bad feeling though. I'm not digging the new Freddy look or his new voice. See the thing with Jason and Michael it's a little bit easier to replace them because they have masks and don't talk however that's not the case with Freddy.