Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Halloween Poem by Rot

He ran out of work and rushed to the store.
Then sped to his home and shot through his door.

With pumpkins and candy and black cardboard cats.
With cornstalks and devils and tiny witch hats.

He strung purple lights and soft orange crepe.
He hung paper bats with two-sided tape.

He gutted the pumpkins, the best in the bin.
He stabbed each some eyes, a nose, and a grin.

He rushed to the lawn – The Front Yard of Fear.
And set up his zombies he built through the year.

He constructed his graveyard with tombstones of foam,
And placed a cloth ghost in its gloomy crypt home.

He dressed his new scarecrow with a hat and a coat,
And staked in a post for a sign that he wrote:

Beware Ye!
Go Back!
Not Safe!

He laughed a small laugh and smiled with pride.
Then scattered some leaves and ran back inside.

He heated up cider and warmed up some pie.
He colored white frosting with goblin-green dye.

He filled giant bowls with popcorn and treats,
Toffee and chocolates and soft sugared sweets.

He changed from his suit and slicked back his hair.
He donned a black cloak and sat in his chair.

He popped in his fangs and gave them a bite.
Then smiled sharp teeth and waited for night.

Now that his planning and hard work was done,
He listened for sounds of laughter and fun!

He imagined kids running in white ghostly sheets.
Hobos and monsters on shadowy streets!

With masks made of plastic and rubber and paint.
He thought he heard children distant and faint!

He pictured their parents, excited and proud,
Escorting small creatures, eager and loud!

They’d spot his great house, then gather and flock.
They’d block up the street and clog up the block!

They’d line up for hours for a look and a treat.
He thought he heard sounds of scurrying feet!


It was only dry leaves swept along by the wind.
He breathed out a sigh, his proud smile thinned.

His dreams and his hopes of Halloween fame
Blew away with the leaves. Nobody came.


NecroBones said...

Sounds like my street. "Nobody came" :)

amy said...

common nightmare right before halloween eh?

Sara said...

lol, great ending but nothing to worry about. It will be grand, I'm sure. We're all jealous we don't live closer!

Stephanie D said...

Publish your address, Rot--we'll all be over in a missed heartbeat!

Clever poem!

Cabrina said...

this hurts my heart! I'd have to give up my yard haunt if I couldn't scare the bejesus out of the kidlets!

Chad said...

I just moved to new neighborhood this year... I'm fearful that you wrote a poem specifically about me this Halloween. :[

The Captain said...

That is wonderful writing! I could picture it all happening as I read.

Necro- me too!

Rstynail said...

I'd come and trick or treat your house. That would be great!!!!

Jon Glassett said...


Vintage Seance said...

Lol no one comes on my street either. I live up on a hill that no one wants to walk up haha. But this poem is so good, the man in it should be proud of all the work he has done, regardless of there being no one. Very good work, Rot!

Rot said...


Some Halloween fun.

Tami said...

love it! i am sure this will not be the case at your haunt! break a leg!

NoahFentz said...

Great poem Mr.Rot.

Nobody came to your street but you have already planted the inspirational seed and there are already many "Pumpkinrot" like haunts throughout the US. I, myself have some Pumpkinrot elements in my haunt.

Your website and blog is the Celebration of Halloween.

You sir are the Johnny Appleseed of Yard haunters.

Anonymous said...

ACK! What a TRUE nightmare!! :)

Raven176 said...


And here I was expecting another weather post..j/k
(yes,I've been a reader for a while)

Rot said...

Just a fun poem, it's not autobiographical at all!

: )

Grim said...

That's great! Kind of reminds me of my street, where very few houses turn on their porch light, much less decorate. The rest of the neighborhood is great for trick or treating though, and luckily we still get lots of kids who are willing to walk down to get to our house.

All that rushing around to prepare reminds me of myself this year! I've never been so busy with other stuff in my life, and it is seriously cutting into my Halloween time!

Hal9thou said...

Well... MY street doesn't have that problem, thank God ;) ! Even if it did, I'd STILL be out hangin' my skeletons and carvin' my pumpkins! For ME!!! AH HAHAHAHAHAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

ShellHawk said...

Oh, so you had THAT dream. I hate that dream!

NecroBones said...

This really is a nicely done poem. Thanks for sharing it! :)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

LOL! So clever and scary and clever.....I will be thinking of this as we are setting up the barracades on our street and watching the masses form out front :D

Happy Halloween!!


Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Breaks my heart!! Did this happen to you??? A beautiful fantastic poem. You are gifted.

Rot said...

Thanks, but thankfully it never happened to me. Just a poem I wrote.

Glad you dig it.

Shotgun_Mario said...

at some point in my career, I'll be sure to animate a small feature to this poem. Love it love it love it.

I'll get back to you on that when the time calls for it...

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Brings a tear to my eye as the reality of the words you write are eminent. The days of hoards of kids staying out as late as possible to collect as much candy as their pillow cases would allow are long gone. Now the kids "Trunk r Treat" or go to the malls...where's the fun in that?
Beautifully written poem. Tragic.

RiverBoatQueen said...

My Dear Rottin' Rot,

My home fell victim to no visitation too.
After hours of preparation and buying candy anew.
I put on my witch's hat and waited for an hour or two.
But finally, a trickster arrived - took my treats and said, "BOO!"

Tricksters by the busload came to my door to chew...
On my home - made rice crispie treats and chocolate goo.

I almost ran out, as the candles burnt blue...
Kids dressed as Snow White, Batman and Winnie-the-Pooh.

I love the magic of Halloween and the spicey brew.
That the witch next door sends over - in a shoe.

SO fear not, my dear Rot.
Next year - you will get alot!!!

Christina said...

Great poem. It's so sad though.... :'(

Pumpkin5 said...

Such a sad story......even in the sadness though, there is the unquenchable Halloween spirit...