Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Now Playing: Swimming With Sharks

Not really Halloween music... more like October music.

The film score to SWIMMING WITH SHARKS by Tom Hiel.

Click here to listen to the end title track.

Click here for samples.


ShellHawk said...

Don't know if you saw the movie, but the very dark humor was fun!

Rot said...

Yep. Saw it and loved it, but I was surprised to see it described as 'hysterical.' Those final scenes have always been so disturbing to me. Like severely disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the description of the hilm as "hysterical": this wasn't really a comedy. It was a pretty intense film, though--I think itw as pretty much Kevin Spacey's brilliance in saucing up his character with a humorous nastiness, though overall it was pretty damned intense, especially that ending.