Saturday, October 17, 2009

Martha Who?

You know when you buy Martha Stewart's Halloween issue and you flip to find those few pages that you know will be loaded with Halloween goodness? Then you flip to find more and you can't, because those few pages were the only Halloween pages in the whole magazine?

Well today we found a super fat magazine called Matthew Mead's Monster Book of Halloween. And it was like finding 256 pages of Halloween goodness. The entire thing is packed with beautiful images and ideas and recipes. Cover-to-cover Halloween.

Book preview.


Stac said...

I have this magazine, as well as the one he released the year before! I love this guy's stuff, and am planning on doing a few of his craft projects, like the leaf garland painted white and stamped. I'm hopefully going to try felting, too.

I always have these out on the table for people to leaf through-- way more interesting that other choices.

Vintage Seance said...

Yeah I have seen that magazine, it's got some very cool ideas in it!