Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tiny Witches

...up to tiny evil things.

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4 comments: said...

these closeups always become my computer backgrounds

Cabrina said...

I have to get crackin'! I have to pull my spookytown down from the attic and set it up.

I like to buy a new piece every year. Even if it's extra tombstones for the graveyard.

My lil pumpkin hollow jack o's will look devine in the mix this year!

sakura10101 said...

Thanks for the responsible use of my image with the link. :)

My mother has so many of the spookytowns for her grandson- he loves them!

Jinx! (Kelly Teague)

Rot said...

Hey Kelly,
That's a GREAT photo.
Loved the one of the jacko too.
: )