Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 Day Extended Forecast

40% chance of showers and a high of 69 degrees.

That's the forecast for Thursday, October 29.

I've shamefully started the annual tradition of nervously checking ridiculously-unreliable weather reports.

Image source.

I'll make my mother chant this for an hour on Halloween morning.


Memnet said...

I've been watching the weather too; pointless really as it changes constantly.

I'm having a Halloween party and would like it around a bonfire. Will chant my heart out. ;)

Geoff said...

Being in Philly, I am now more concern with the effect Game 3 of the world series will have on ToTs and my halloween party.

I'm a fan so I don't want them to lose...but i enjoy halloween even more.

Johnny said...

Is there a cold spell?
69 is way too hot for me.

Bob said...

I've been watching too!! Past few years I've had my party it rained, but this year I get to have it on Halloween, so I NEED it to be nice so I can extend the party to my back deck. Last Halloween was BEAUTIFUL, but I missed most of it because I was at the Phillies Parade. I'll definitely be chanting from now until the 31st.

suzanne said...

The most reliable thing about an extended forecast is that it will change every day. :D

Cross fingers and hope for the best.