Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Giant Spider Invasion

Click below for some information on a fun horror film.
And make sure you watch the trailer.


FoolishCop said...

You so need to send this to the Frog Queen. I can just see her running from her bedroom to get away from the small ones only to become entangled in the web across the doorway.

This looks like it would be a great project for SpiderFest 2010!


Rot said...

The title of the blog post was actually going to be "For Chris"...

: )

The Gill-Man said...

I actually remember seeing the trailer for this when I was about 4! Scared the living piss outta me! Of course...I was dying to see it! I never did, but I got my fill of giant spider movies over the it's all good. I'd still love to check this out though. Looks like a hoot!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Okay I heard that :D

I really did not ever need to see that....why did I click on it? Seriously? There is something wrong with me. I don't have to click...I could just walk away....

I might not ever be able to drive again because now

old volkswagon bug = giant spider

....and that is just wrong.