Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I dig me some Tree Ghost.

The Polaroid Artist blog.


bean said...

I love this kinda stuff. Back home in the South I filled the trees with ghosts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :-) I LOVE your blog. It has such a wonderful feel to it. I'll be doing a very SPOOKY blog in the next couple of months -- it's one I've been planning for a while. Then again, the whole experiment could end up a joke, so...we'll see. The ghost is one of my favorite photos I've taken. One of the other favorites is one where I photographed MYSELF as a ghost (in my November blog "The Monsters Under the Bed Are Real"), where I made myself transparent. Also, strange fact: my mother is a paranormal researcher/ghost hunter. Look forward to checking your blog in the future....Jenn, TPA

Rot said...

Cool! A spooky blog : )