Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hell Sounds


Aron said...

I remember hearing this on Art Bell back in the heyday of conspiracy radio. Freaked me out then, freaks me out now. Thanks for reminding me of this!

Rot said...

I got a kick more out of the lead-up. It was like a perfect little ghost story. The anticipation was wonderful...and the way the hell sounds kick in before he's done saying the last work is AWESOME. Catches you off guard.

And it's spooky as hell.

I haven't researched it to see if anyone has debunked it. But I don't really want to. I love it.

Johnny said...

I also heard this on Art Bell and it was the worst. I had just moved on my own, I was in my apartment listening on headphones when he did this. Scared the...heh...hell out of me. Still spooks me. Awesome.

Hello, btw, been out of the loop a while.

Rot said...

HA..that's great!
I remember being alone in the house once and some show about demonic possessions was on. And of course it was night. The cat was staring at me from the dining room and just as the show was touching upon some really scary stuff she let out a horrible sound that it had never and has never made since. Talk about fear.

Rot said...

And welcome back : )

The Gill-Man said...

First time I heard this...yeah, it was freaky! I naturally had to do further research!!!

If you want to find out whether or not it has been debunked, then click the following link (if not, I completely understand. It's more fun NOT knowing if it's real):

Sara said...

LOL, did you read the highest rated comment under the video? That was pretty funny.

Very interesting. Have never heard of it before.

Rot said...

That comment was classic.
So funny.

That sound recording would be great in a haunted house walkthrough of those completely black rooms.