Thursday, August 19, 2010


A coworker insists on cooking some vile fish meal at least three times a week in the company microwave. The smell starts out like broccoli or cooked cabbage. Then, just as people start to ask "Is that cabbage?....cauliflower?" it changes and becomes something earthier. Something so offensive and so unnatural that people start leaving their desks until it clears.

How can anyone other than a bottom-feeding fish or a filth-eating shrimp even consume something that smells so spoiled? Like low tide on a hot August afternoon.

Detestable putridity.

I'm currently offering coworkers cash to throw a bucket of soapy water on it.
No takers at the moment.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

The vegetarian frog queen will be happy to fly over and dump said bucket of soap water on cruel and offensive food :D

Keep your cash, I will do it for free :)

Sorry, feeling particularly evil today...must be Thursday, never could get the hang of Thursday :)


MorbidMariah said...

Oh my God, that's just awful. BLECH. :P

Goneferalinidaho said...

That is the most horrific thing I've seen ina long time, and I work with real dead bodies. G.Ross!

Anonymous said...

Now that is the scariest thing I've ever seen on your blog. Yikes. :P

Anonymous said...

Sick story: When I was in the hospital after having Zen, the first meal they gave me after 24 hours without food.........baked trout. Nothing on Earth smells as RANCID as fresh water fish that's cooked WRONG. I'm not a fish eater, and that pic looks nasty.:( I'll throw some soapy water on the fish meal for you.....nasty coworkers.