Thursday, August 26, 2010

When Death Comes For You...'s gonna be a SMACKDOWN.
This is the meanest Death costume I've ever seen.
Absolutely love it.


bean said...

wow....LOVE the little hourglass.

Anonymous said...

Pure epic, right there.

Rot said...

I can picture the hourglass being still full when he comes for me. "But my glass isn't empty yet" [Death roundhouse kicks me in the throat]

Sara said...

The top image reminds me a short version on Rob Zombie's Michael Myers and it's terrifying. Despite the movie, I like the huge hulking beasty-look, in its own right. Freaks me the hell out, is what it does.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said... that I have seen this I need to make a new costume for our reaper. Cause everytime I see it...I will be thinking of this one in my head.

Imagine it on a person on stilts :)


JD said...

Reaper wins. FATALITY! XD