Friday, August 20, 2010

Made A Sound I Don't Want To Hear Again

911, what are you reporting?

Uh, we got someone or something crawlin' around out here.

Did you see what it was? Was it a person or an animal or--?

I can't tell. All's I know is that my sensor-light came on, and I just happened to glimpse and see this thing running across the yard...a good-sized man or...something. It looks like a man. I don't know what it was.

You've had problems in the neighborhood before?

Yeah. My dog was killed here just recently. (...) I don't know what it was. Whatever it is, it's running. I couldn't catch it if I was gonna' chase it. But, whatever it was, it was standing up. I'm out here looking through the window now, and I don't see anything. I don't want to go outside. (...) Jesus Christ! You'd better...uh....


God damn!


Get someone out here!

What's going on now, sir?

That sonofabitch is about 6 ft. 9, I don't know!

Do you see him now, sir?

Yeah, I'm looking right at him!

Uh-oh. Okay. Hang on.

He's right--

Is he in your yard, sir?

Yeah, and, God, he's big!

Okay. What's he doing in your yard?

He's looking at me!

And the guy is on foot...this...

I don't know's a real big person, that's all I can say.

But it is a person? (chuckle)

Uh, yeah, I'd say it's a person...or somebody real big. But he's all in black. He's...uh...

Is he a black male or a white male? Did you actually see whether, or was he just wearing black?

He's all in black, and he's big! He is big!!



Jon said...


Joel said...

Love this post.

An intriguing story and series of photographs taken in Florida in 2000:

And a collection of alleged vocalization recordings:

The majority of unidentified hominid sightings in the U.S. come from the west coast, particularly the Pacific Northwest. The similarities among some of the sound recordings are striking.

Aron said...

I love listening to this recording. Nothing freaked me out more as a kid than this book of bigfoot sightings I found in one of my dad's boxes. I never wanted to go to the kitchen after reading because the windows had no curtains and I could imagine a sasquatch looking back at me. Freaky!

The Gill-Man said...

I used to think all the bigfoot sightings were just hoaxes, but I watched a show recently that actually had some serious scientific research into the topic. All of the scientists who were involved with this show, with one exception, concluded that there is a species of uncategorized primate living in the Pacific Northwest. The one scientist who didn't come to that conclusion only did so because the particular part of the investigation he was heading came back inconclusive (he was studying DNA samples, and concluded they were contaminated).

Rot said...

Was watching a Monsterquest or something like it and a guy driving his family in an RV on the highway said he saw traffic up ahead slowing. He said it was raining and it was night. So he saw a bunch of brake lights and something moving in the road. As he got closer he saw something running in the road. A big giant hair-covered creature on two legs. As his RV passed it, he said his eyes met with the creature's. And the thing did a kind of push, slam, bang gesture and pounded the side of the RV and ran off. I believed the guy. Seemed so truthful and convinced of exactly what he saw.

Rot said...

I posted the audio below the text.

Anonymous said...

What is so interesting about this is the guy calling in seems to be afraid to mention that the thing is Sasquatch, but he doesn't want the 911 operator to dismiss him as a kook. so instead he tries to describe it in such a way so as to be not get hung up on. More evidence to me that the call is real.