Friday, September 17, 2010

DIY Halloween Tree

Image by William Fahey.
More at

Very cool to see Enchanted Pumpkins growing in the Halloween market. I can almost see someone who's obsessed with Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree putting in an order for a hundred of these kits.

Check out the blog for photos and video how-to's.

And click below for the main site.


Sara said...

EEK! I LOVE this! The carving kits and How-Tos. I could have used them for several Halloween parties in the past. I was *always* trying to figure out how Country Living got their Pumpkins to hang from trees so properly.

ShellHawk said...

They're sold out. Everywhere! Wah!

Floating Pumpkin Hanger Kits said...


Thank you so much for supporting my invention on your blog. This product is really high quality and does everything it claims. I can't wait to see what the Halloween Community and your Followers can do with it (and for only $4).

Have a Great Halloween.


Rot said...

A pleasure, Sean.
It's a great invention and you can't beat the price.
And it's truly unique. It's something that would stop a passerby in their tracks. Kinda hypnotic. Crafty and fun.

Jay's Shadow said...

Such a cool idea. I think you posted this last year also...

Rot said...

Yep. I posted it a couple of times. Based on the neatness factor.
: )

Floating Pumpkin Hanger Kits said...

Sold Out!!!???

Don't worry everyone. The product shipments are just showing up to the retailers (I received mine yesterday). I'm sure they'll be unpacking and getting product ready to sell any time. It might be a good idea to get on their notification lists. I think these could go fast.

Sean (Inventor, Funworld Team)

Charissa said...

Oh my goodness! You Rock!! I love it!!!!

Unknown said...

very cool product! even cooler to see the made a blog post about you liking it. :)

Floating Pumpkin Hanger Kits said...

Hello Everyone,

The individual Pumpkin Hanger Kits are now available from Zombie Pumpkins (


William said...

I painted the image of the Halloween Tree that appears at the top of the page. Please give my name, William Fahey, and put in this link: Thanks.

Floating Pumpkin Hanger Kits said...

Hey Rot Fans,

Floating Pumpkin Hangers are growing!
Check out the Facebook page for where to get them, how-to's, and reviews!

Thanks for all of your support Rot!