Monday, September 27, 2010

Naughty Boy

By artist Brandi Milne.


Sara said...

awwww, I LOVE this! Two loves in one" Disney AND Halloween! ...although I always found Pinocchio really annoying. *shrug*

Rot said...

I'll confess that I have never been able to dig Disney characters.

Halloween and Disney.
I just think the two don't mix very well. The Disney Halloween parade gives me hives. The Haunted Mansion is GREAT though.

So I think it's some hangup I have with the classic Disney characters being in Halloween garb and whatnot.

Sara said...

No Disney? WhatEVER. How can you not love Beauty and the Beast? And The Little Mermaid and Cinderella??!?! ;)

I agree that Disney and Halloween do NOT mix well(just see Disneyland Park right now, dressed up in a Halloween theme. It is so ugly.) But I am such a Disney freak! I love the pumpkin in this pic, which I don't think is in the original Pinocchio film.

It's funny. You totally did not put Disney in the tags. I noticed that. You Disney-hater.

Rot said...

Whatever do you mean? ; )

It's there.