Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now Playing: Speck Of Mist

By Surma.

Click to listen:


Conor said...

I like this, but don't see it on iTunes or Amazon.

If you had to choose three dark ambient albums (available online for purchase), which three would you choose? Which are your favorites?

Rot said...

I think a nice mix would be:
Kammarheit's The Starwheel

Desiderii Marginis' That Which Is Tragic And Timeless:

this gem:

Raison D'etre is my fave, but it's hard to find his earlier stuff for these would be a great place to start...and all three are very different from each other.

Conor said...

Great. I already had The Starwheel on my wishlist from an earlier post of yours, but I'll check out the other two as well.