Friday, September 17, 2010

Indrid Cold

He looked human, but there was just something wrong about him.


Necropolis said...

One of my favorite movies. I couldn't believe hearing all of the negative reviews critics and even my friends gave it. Maybe I'm just too big a fan of the legend and won't allow myself to dislike a movie like this.

I've visited Point Pleasant and it's a bit surreal knowing the history of the events that took place there.

Steve said...

This is the movie that got me my one IMDB credit. I have a generally positive impression of it. It certainly reached a broader audience than you'd expect from a movie called The Mothman Prophecies, though obviously it would be neat to see a movie closer to the source material.

Rot said...

I had posted the last part of that video a while ago, but the link has since been I found this longer, and better, video.

That's so cool, Steve. Neat thing to be a part of.

Steve said...

To be perfectly honest, they just used some crappy artwork of mine for the documentary. That's all it is.

Rot said...

Well, I'm still VERY impressed, man. : )

Steve said...

Thanks man! :D

GhoulishCop said...

Okay, I just finished watching The Mothman Prophecies. Having seen a couple of posts here and video clips -- and The Grinning Man entry was just creepy -- I igured I needed to check it out.

Sorry, Necropolis, but put me in the camp of those who disliked this movie to the extreme. Perhaps because I haven't been immersed in the legend I thought the film was a lot of nothing happening.

Maybe it's because I don't like Richard Gere but I thought the performances were rather wooden. Despite that, I'm still interested in finding out more about the legend.


Anonymous said...

I found myself watching this multiple times, and I notice something new with each viewing, cleverly hidden in the cinematography and sound-scapes, but always present. After researching such anomalous incidents myself, i have to say the director did an excellent job of portraying the essence of what is, at it's core, an inconceivably manipulative phenomenon. As keel said himself in the book, he was more interested in the "source" of the phenomena than it's bizarre, often cartoonish manifestations. The film renders a haunting portrait of that source

Rot said...

Thanks for the post.
Well said.

I found it interesting that Indrid Cold is really a totally separate event and he was fused with the mothman in this film. Very effective.

And truly scary.