Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now Playing: Haunted Bayou

By Base Burners, on Halloween at High Noon records.

Click below:


Necropolis said...

Really digging this track. Thanks for exposing me/us to it.

Rot said...


It's really such a great alternative to the usually-played tracks found on seasonal collections.

Their first and second albums are a must-have.

liddell said...

I always love your musical posts, and listen to them all, so thanks for that. I've been a long time lurker without commenting, but I heard this song earlier and just had to share it here.

Rot said...

Wow. Thanks.

THAT is cool.
And very unnerving. But not too much so.

Unknown said...

Thanks to your post, I went and purchased 3 volumes of "Halloween at High Noon". From what I'm hearing so far, I'll probably buy whatever else there is. Thanks for this!!