Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Roger's Gardens.


Sara said...

Ok. So.....I feel like a bad Halloween lover. :( I was totally in Newport today and I totally didn't go. I know, I KNOW. I suck.

In my defense, it was flipping HOT and there were a BAJILLION people out and parking was at a crazy premium and it just all made for unsavory conditions.

These pics are awesome though! I must make it back!!!

Rot said...





; )

JHMDF said...

These pics are just a tease! No store even close to that cool around here. :(

Vintage Seance said...

I was just there today and was so mad I forgot my camera. I will definitely have to go back soon though cause it was amazing! Seriously they went all out! I can't even describe how awesome and creative it was. I will have to find more cool picks of what I saw. It rocked.