Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Warts And All

Wanted to feature this haunt again. The third witch is included in this photo. A live actor.
Oh, the fun that would be had with having two props and one person waiting for each child to approach.

More photos at the Warts and all... blog.


Sara said...

When I took my son out ToTing this Halloween, there was one apartment that had a live body actor and he looked SO fake that I was tempted to think it was just a prop. I saw him breath and I knew otherwise. Kids FLOCKED to that house. No matter how scary it seemed, the fun in approaching this guy and taking candy from his bowl outweighed any fear! It was really fun to watch. I wish more haunts featured live people. It makes a difference. This little apartment had only the live actor going for it, but they had more kids on their doorstep than the decorated houses.

Pam Morris said...

wow...a truly awesome haunt...which one is the actor?

Rot said...

The one on the left.
I love the masks.

Thanks for sharing that, Sara.
So cool.

Jay's Shadow said...

I love the idea of having an live person in costume hiding with the static props....