Friday, November 26, 2010

The Haunted

"Mommy, you need to clean my baby. You need to clean her eyes. They're bleeding."

Spent a major portion of the holiday watching Animal Planet's The Haunted marathon. I never watched that program before and it was pure chillsville. Absolutely loved every second of it.

And the animal/pet angle is minimal. So don't be thinking this is about Fluffy seeing dead people. In fact, this program really seemed out of place on Animal Planet. Which is a good thing.

Click the doll above to watch a sample.


Vintage Seance said...

I recently discovered the show too and loved it for all the same reasons. At first I thought, "oh great, Animal Planet is trying to appeal to paranormal crowd," but then I watched a few episodes and really enjoyed the spooky stories.

Rot said...


I was really impressed with the production value.

I was blown away by the believability of the stories. Downright chilling.

Like I was sitting there saying "I BELIEVE that lady!"

Steve Ring said...

Yeah, it's like I Shouldn't Be Alive is on Animal Planet because some sort of animal appears in every episode, if only for a few moments. All of these educational channels have identity issues, it seems.

Marrow said...

My god this is on in 4 minutes. I had no idea it was on in New Zealand. I am SO excited!