Friday, November 5, 2010

Rasputin's Carnival Of Risk

The Haunt at Hellizondo.


FoolishCop said...

Watching that haunt get built week after week through their blog, it's hard to believe they could pull it off considering the scope of what they were attempting.

The completely scrapped their Haunted Tiki Island and rebuilt it into a haunted carnival. That's no small undertaking with all the eye candy they've given. Really beautiful stuff.


Rot said...

I had no idea they were switching haunt themes so it was a really neat surprise.

Looks amazing. I LOVE the swami on the nails.

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Absolutely amazing!

Jay's Shadow said...

I really liked his "Haunted Tiki Island".... this one is so cool too!

Sam Kadi said...

What a cool haunt, I liked the Haunted Tiki theme but this one takes the cake.