Monday, November 29, 2010

The Oxford Castle Reaper

Fantastic costume I came across in my searches. Can't find many images of this guy. I was hoping to find some video, but nothing yet. He's a part of the Oxford Castle annual Halloween event.

Image by ajburgess.

Click here to see a close-up.


JD said...

Lucky britts :D

Pam Morris said...


Sara said...

SO clever and well-executed, pun fully intended! :)

Sorta looks a TEENY bit like a guy who flases people,though. LOL.

The Gill-Man said...

I'm really curious to see how this guy looks when moving. The costume itself is quite brilliant, but how realistic it looks when in motion is what interests me.

Brian said...

Hi Rot, Try going to where the creator has building photos. Also try derek the skeleton on google or youtube or Death visits Guildford.He has some amazing video of it walking around the park. Brian, Willow Cove