Friday, November 12, 2010

Season Of Shadows 2010

Always a treat to see this Haunt each year.
And the Angel of Death prop is beautiful.


Jon Glassett said...

Is it just me, or does it seem like haunts in general are reaching a new level this year? I'm not blowing smoke here: as I surf around and look at peoples' displays it seems like everyone across the board has just exploded in terms of quality, atmosphere, detail, name it. It's a good, good year for haunts.

Rot said...

I'd totally agree with you.
Definitely a level of detail this year that's off the charts compared to other years.

Really exciting. Love finding these gems.

Rot said...

I should clarify that I meant all haunts in general...I wasn't referring to Season of Shadows, since he always has a beautiful haunt loaded with detail..though this year's Angel of Death display is his finest work yet.

Jay's Shadow said...

Yea, that Angel of Death is pretty cool!

Mr. Glassett, ever since I ran into Pumpkinrot's site I have just exploded into this home haunt deal. Last year was my first big set up I did outside and it was pretty easy.....then I started seeing eveybody elses haunts and I was like.... CRAP! I got to get better at this! And I was snapping pics like crazy this year too.

And of course I didn't even get to do what I wanted to do for this one.

I don't know how many times I changed things around this year....(ugh)

Hopsy the beer drinking clown said...

I think Rot inspires all of us, he sets the bar high for creative excellence but then he encourages us to jump! My ground-breakers seemed to have gotten a lot more attention this year from visitors and people walking down the street, all thanks to Rot!

T.D.R. said...

I have been doing my yard since 1984 and about 5 years ago I slowed
down, not alot of kids and I don't do alot on my PC. But last year Dr.Keepy on You Tube said go on,it was like someone pull a stake from my heart! Inspires yes and Season of Shadows top quality haunt.