Monday, March 7, 2011

Shop Talk

The online shop is open.
We'll be adding more items each week.
Larger props will be added in a couple months.


Sara said...

hahaha.I was *just* thinking about your etsy shop. I was just over there and wondered when you'd be open again. Cool!

Dee do dee do dee do dee do....

Ahem, *Twilight Zone* theme song.

Marrow said...

God, those pumpkinheads look amazing. Like a screenshot from "Advance of the Evil Pumpkins". Or like somthing you run into when escaping the evil scientists laboratory.

*Angus runs through dark corridor, turns round corner and sees pumpkinheads. "AnD WhErE dO yOu ThInK yOu ArE gOiNg?!!!" cackles front pumpkinhead as he grins.
Angus turns around to find more pumpkinheads blocking the corridor behind him. pumpkinheads begin to laugh. Ominous music/ cut to adbreak.*

The texturing on the bottom pumpkin is highly delicious. Like Edward Goreys type of shading, converted into polymer clay.

Please not "Advance of the PumpkinHeads" is not actually a movie.

JHMDF said...

Nice! Those mini Sentinels look great. Can't wait for the new big props.

ShellHawk said...

Every time I see pics of your work and Bean's, I realize I need to learn how to take better pics of my work.

They always look so amazing!

K.O. said...

Great work, Bean and Rot! And great displays of the work.

Rot said...

Thanks, all!