Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chasing UFOs

Thanks, National Geographic, for giving us an insulting new series about the UFO phenomena.
I'm a huge fan of James Fox's work in the world of UFO research, so it pains me greatly to see him as a part of this show.

Check out the chill-inducing commercial below:

I don't want to see night investigations with green views of the cast's faces from their back-mounted nightvision cameras. I don't want to see if the crew can duplicate what might have been a misidentified toy airplane with LED lights. And I don't want every commercial break to start with one of the cast getting startled and blurting out an "OH MY GOD!," afraid that I won't remain watching unless there's a mini-cliffhanger every time.

Who in Hollywood thinks melodramatic sensationalism is the only way to sell paranormal material?

Here's Fox's documentary I Know What I Saw.


Rook Wilder said...

Amen to that. It seems like every reality show these days on all the "smart" channels uses these techniques no matter how inappropriate to the setting. It could be a show about selling houses and they will do it at night, with night vision, and cliffhang every commercial break then rewind and make you watch 2 minutes of previously seen footage when they get back. Shows that would last 20 minutes are being stretched into a painful hour.

Rot said...

Exactly. I forgot about the 2 minute recap that seems to be in every series now.

Where did that come from?

Autumnleaf said...

The slide reminds me of a co-ed Buckaroo Bonzai

Rot said...