Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Very Much Retired

One of the only good things about Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers is, of course, Dr. Sam Loomis. Without fail, I am instantly comforted and completely happy when they show him in his dark rural home during a thunderstorm in late October, lit only by a few old glass-shaded lamps and a glowing fire. Typing away at an antique typewriter, he's listening to a radio program about the Haddonfield murders and a caller asks whatever happened to Michael Myers' old doctor and suggests that he's dead. Loomis looks up from his desk laughing and says "Not dead...just very much retired."

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Amy said...

H6 had it moments...the Loomis scene, the Halloween festival and Mrs Blankenship's speech all work well..although I do remember sitting in the theater being horribly disappointed with the ending.

I think the fact that it was actually shot in the month of October gives it a feel that none of the other films had. I think it may be the only film in the entire series that was shot in the fall/October.

Your random posts about the Halloween series are great though!

Rot said...

I agree with you. Those scenes were great. And the look absolutely is the most Halloweeny of the bunch. And the old lady's speech was very cool and Conal Cochran-ish to me... plus her last name was a small tribute to a name used in Halloween III.