Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rotten Wicks

So we tried our hand at making our own votive candles.
Saw a kit at AC Moore for $25.00 and figured now was the time to make that candle scent I was always lamenting about. The one that I can't find anywhere. The one that smells like Halloween.

I bought scent oils from MysticWays.

I was arrogant thinking that this would be an easy process. Now I fully understand why candles aren't as cheap as I want them to be. Like a lot of things, it takes a lot of practice to get right. I found that I wasn't the only one googling "Why don't my candles smell when I burn them?" It's all about timing and temperature, apparently. And I stink at it.

But anyways, the first batch didn't cast the scent all that much. But it sure was cool:
1 pound of soy wax
1 tablespoon Clove oil
1/3 Woodsmoke oil
1/3 Dirt oil
1/3 Peppercorn oil

The second attempt turned out better, and the "throw" of the scent was stronger (someone online suggested letting the wax cool off a bit and adding the oil right before you pour).

For the second try (below), we used:
1 pound of soy wax
1 tablespoon Clove oil
1 tablespoon Anise oil

The clove and anise were meant for each other. I'll definitely be making more of them. And hopefully they'll be even stronger.

Advice: If you're a male and you attempt to make your own candles, don't tell your coworkers. I learned that the hard way.

After this experiment, I respect Helena of even more.



Your co-workers may be kidding you now, but they are the same ones who will be begging you to buy them later. Use vintage skeleton chocolate molds to make them and charge them $25 each.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are definitely more of a man than I am. I wouldn't have the patience to do anything like that.

I would get pissed and start throwing things and swearing. Then I would have wax everywhere and 3rd degree burns....

Marrow said...

Clove + Anise = Perfect.
You should totally sell these.

Goneferalinidaho said...

I have been tossing around the idea of making my own since I have the oils for my fog machine. I an really glad you added the link to Dark Candles, I wanted to order some.

Rot said...

I won't be making any for sale.
Too afraid of burning someone's house down. I might be using too much oil.
Tiny votive torches.

Adam said...

Don't feel bad Rot,

I just dropped $60 in Halloween scented candles yesterday at Yankee Candle. I was with my fiance and all I could think was how much she must be doubting my masculinity while im crawling on the floor bithing that "They only have two "Moonlight Harvests!", Maybe we should get some "Natures Paintbrush", for the living room!" Oh, and I would NEVER tell my co-workers....EVER!

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Its labor intensive and at my house there is swearing involved. Lucked out that there was small local candle company so I hired them to make candles a few years back. Just now running out but sadly the bad economy took the candle company down. Dark Candles does have incredible scents and another good business I can support. :o )

Rot said...

Adam, that's a riot, man.
So funny.

Adam said...

Sad but true. Worst part was is we drove 45 minutes to outlets in PA because regular Yankee Candles don't stock that Moonlight Harvest scent. I'd suggest you seek it out and give it a try. Best halloween scent they have ever stocked. Shit, I must be secure In my masculinity dishing out this info. Even in the safe confines of this blog haha

Rot said...


What's it smell like?
I don't think I ever saw that one before.

Adam said...


Problem is- accurately describing the candle's scent would be a bit difficult for me. I may be a Halloween scent nerd but Im definitely not able to hit the elements of the scent on the head haha. The label says "..with natural plant extracts", doesn't really help I know. Basically all I can say is that it smells like night time in October.
It takes me back to Halloween and autumn nights as a kid. Im pretty sure you would dig it. Its got a full moon and autumn trees on the label. I got is at the Yankee outlet store at the crossings near Tannersville. I know you can get it online for like $20. Its retired so I know the regular stores never have it. If ya end up getting one, let me know what ya think.


Anonymous said...

Careful, There's also one with a Full moon, and trees on it that is called Midsummer's night. It smells like men's deodorant.... Pretty manly if you ask me. ;)

Shani said...

Adam...I LOVE Moonlight Harvest!!! Hadn't seen it in the stores and thought it was just discontinued. Going to check out the site though to see if I can order it. Amazing scent!

I've thought about making my own votives but had heard that it's not as easy as it looks as far as getting the scents right. Kind of intriguing though to be able to mix your own scent and create what reminds YOU of Halloween. May have to give it a go!

Mel said...

For casting a scent, nothing I've bought beats Swan Creek candles; unfortunately, they don't have any great Halloween scents like Dark Candles does.

SaraB! said...

You're a better man than I, I do not have the patience for that kind of nonsense. As for candles, last year I discovered Beanpod Candles ( I was very happy. I'm particularly enamored of their Apple Cider fragrance- it's the only "spicy" candle that doesn't come off smelling like Christmas to me, and they burn clean and have decent throw. The only downside is that it's soy wax, so they burn really fast.

Adam said...

Those Dark Candles look amazing!

Rot said...

Yeah. It's a great company.
Strong candles too.
We burn clove and absinthe in our pumpkins on halloween night.

JHMDF said...

Sounds like you might have found the scent of Halloween!

Jason-v said...

"Dont tell your Co- workers" Priceless!

And when i do try this, I wont tell my co-workers!

The Undertaker: said...

If your votives don't throw scent, try cutting them up and using them as melts. That worked for me on one of my failed candle-making attempts.

The Undertaker: said...

I too love and miss the Moonlight Harvest scent. I'm under the impression that it's been discontinued. But, does anyone else think that YC's new Fall scent "Harvest Welcome" smells exactly like "Moonlight Harvest"? Maybe it's just me.

Grim said...

Have you tried going to the Dark Candles website lately? I've been trying for a few days and it's like it isn't even there anymore. Just wondering if you knew what was up?

Rot said...

Uh oh.
I just tried and it doesn't load.

Grim said...

I found out they are just moving their hosting account and the site should be up and running again soon. I was kind of worried!

Jen said...

ET/Elliot problems. Decade-long delay.