Saturday, July 7, 2012

His Shoes Felt Like Two Loaves Of Baked Bread

The sun burnt the paint from the tenement fronts, bleached the air raw and turned the gutter-waters to vapor by midafternoon when the old men, numbed and evaporated, stood in the inner passageways of a house that funneled bakery air from front to back in a searing torrent. When they spoke it was the submerged, muffled talk of men in steam rooms, preposterously tired and remote.

Ray Bradbury, from Touched with Fire

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Anonymous said...

Yup. That is how it feels out there today. I even made up a quick little display with a skull,branch, and old dried cornstalks from last year to show how hot and miserable it feels out there. said...

man i always think of that story when it's extremely hot outside. storm's coming through now. hopefully the end of it for a while.