Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looking Forward To The Autumn Brews

Spooks Ale has been developed as an autumnal brew which is very different to our other seasonal beers. It is a dark ruby colour with a biscuity palate. The nose is a mix of the malty flavours derived from the mix of ale, brown and crystal malts and the citrus fruity hop aroma you would expect from a beer brewed in the heart of the Kentish hop growing region. As with all of our ales it has been brewed in our oak mash tuns and fermented out using our own yeast to produce a wonderfully flavoursome beer at 4.7% abv.



Conor said...

You're hitting the pleasure centers in my brain today. First the "August" post and now the beer. I have a picture I took on my phone a year ago, on August 28th. It was the first day (in 2011) that I found my favorite pumpkin beer in a store. So I've got that same date marked in my mental calendar for this year. August 28, 2012, the day I expect to be able to walk into that same store and buy it again.

Also looking forward to Sam Adams Oktoberfest.

It's easy to look at August as just another hot month, and it is. It's 31 long days. But we're definitely on the downhill section of summer now. The days are getting shorter, slowly but surely.

Yellow Phantom said...

Two of my favorite pleasures in life... autumn and beer! I've never had a Spooks Ale. Sounds delicious. I suppose we're nearing the time to start keeping an eye out for the autumn brews. Thanks for the heads up Rot!

Frankenrock said...

That Spooks Ale sounds nice.

Rot if you are up for a trip there's a place in Southampton called "The Beer Store" that has everything. No cases.. all six packs and 22/24oz bottles. They currently have the Southern Tier Pumpking Oak Aged on tap. Tastes as delicious as the regular Pumpking, but with whipped cream on top.

Here's the upcoming autumn list..

Rot said...

Thanks for the recommendation.
I'll definitely check that out.

Shani said...

Omg, The Beer Store in Southampton is amazing!!! Their selection can't be beat! I'd have to recommend the Weyerbacher Imperial pumpkin...it's outstanding. It's one of my favorites and has an incredible pumpkin flavor.

The hubby and I just brewed some pumpkin ale a few weeks ago that we are racking tonight. Can't wait to taste it...uncarbonated of course..but that's the next step.

August 1st tomorrow guys! That's the start of my fall season! =)

Eddie said...

Hallowaltz: Is that Oak Aged Pumpking on tap only? That sounds amazing.

I actually have a bottle of Pumpking from like 2009 (or something..I lost track of what year) that I aged just as an experiment. I'll be opening it soon to see what happened.

highbury said...

Conor, I just picked up a six of Sam Adams Octoberfest tonight! PATIENTLY waiting for Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale to arrive...

Fall beers, how I love thee!

Amy said...

Weyerbacher Pumpkin is incredible..I purchased a sixtel keg of it in 2008.

Check out Victory Moonglow.

Rot if you are ever in Media, Pa Pinnochios pizza has hundreds of single bottles for sale...mix and match style.


Frankenrock said...

Eddie - Yeah so far I've only seen it on tap.. they might bottle it up this year though. Wegmans sell Pumpking for $7.99 a bottle too.. good place to stock up.

Smuttynose makes a nice Pumpkin Ale as well.. and the Wild Onion Pumpkin Ale cans are the perfect beer to drink while putting up decorations. :)

Amy said...

I will have to try the Wild Onion this year..heard good things.

I have a kegarator and I am tempted to get a sixtel of the oak aged pumking this year..if I do you are all invited over for a pint!