Thursday, July 5, 2012

Playing Tea Party

My daughter began serving tea and talking to all the dolls and stuffed animals she'd set up around her in a circle. My sister in law pointed out the large vacant space but I shrugged and just said, "Oh, she's got an imaginary friend, that's all!", and I laughed. She, however did not and gave me a look which took me aback.

She said my daughter might need an exorcist and seemed dead serious about this. I began to laugh but stopped in the middle of it when I clearly heard the voice of another girl in the area where my 5 year old was holding high tea. That's when I began to watch my daughter's face intently to see if this might be a voice I'd never heard before. I knew full well she had a limited repertoire when it came to voices. Still, who knew if she'd invented yet another.

The first time I heard this "other" voice I could not clearly see my daughter's face but the second time I heard it I did and she didn't even have her mouth open.

Earl Grey. Hot.

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Rania said...

Do you see or hear stuff normally on a day to day basis? I have never been connected to ghosts. I believe some people are though. Crazy and mysterious and awesome story!