Wednesday, June 11, 2014

50,000 Pre-Tax Clams

Are you a yard haunter?
Do you need $50,000?
Would you like to be on TV?

Click below:


Amy said...

Are you in?

Rot said...

I'm way too private for something like this.

girl6 said...

hmmmmmm...i would LOVE to see a reality show told from the scarecrows point of (evil) view.

you know, they all move into a farm & steal each others sticks..(see who survives) orrrr something like that.

NEEDS work!..hahahahahhaha.. : D

Rania said...

Been talking with the producers and we are all really trying to grasp what they are trying to accomplish with this. It seems like they are all over the place with who they are contacting. It could be a great way for exposure for those of us trying to go pro while it could be so incredibly detrimental to home haunters everywhere. Not to mention tv producers tend to butcher your work through control, editing, etc. So many mixed emotions on this one. ugh