Thursday, June 19, 2014

Freddy: One Last Time

Robert Englund "Freddy Krueger" Makeup Photo-Op Package
A Flashback Weekend Exclusive! August 8, 2014
$350* + $15.00 Service Fee = $365.00

Flashback to Elm Street and have your photo taken with the man of your dreams, iconic horror actor Robert Englund in the make-up of his famous character, Freddy Krueger, one final time.
Robert Englund’s “Freddy Krueger” make up will be designed and applied by FX master artist Robert Kurtzman in the same extensive process used in the “NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET” films. 

This is crazy to ponder.  Imagine meeting Freddy Krueger, but not Robert Englund.  This has so much potential to be strange and weird and uncomfortable...though it JUST might be awesome if done right.  

How it SHOULD go down:
1. You pay that dreaded fee and they make you feel like a hero.
2. You are told to go into a very dark room that makes you feel disoriented, like one of those weird skewed-perspective rooms.
3. You hear your name whispered and a floor board squeak.  
4. Freddy is in your face with REAL finger blades.  
5. Freddy tells you this isn't a joke and it's not a photo-op.

I wonder how many horror fans will slip him a twenty and beg him to slash their faces.  It'd be the story/scar of a lifetime.

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Sara said...

You know, I could actually see myself paying a tiny bit of money to just watch the uncomfortableness of it happening(Geeky horror fans,high expectations because dude they just shelled out lots of money). It's kind of making me uncomfortable just thinking about it. Gah. I really hope I can find these encounters on YouTube at some point.

Rot said...

you KNOW it.
There is so much at stake. Like if you meet the actor and you blow it, it doesn't totally ruin the character for you...but if you meet your favorite horror icon, and it goes poorly and strangely, how can it NOT taint the movies for you?

I imagine a horror fan coming home and their mom asking how it went.
"it was GREAT! I met Freddy Kreuger!"
"That's nice, Mr Englund a nice man?"
"Did i SAY 'Robert Englund,' Mom?!

Sara said...

LOL! Yesss! Goosebumps, man. Goosebumps. And heck yeah, you screw it up with a big wig like Freddy/Robert--that's it. I'd be embarrased to even WATCH the movies again.

Rot said...

oh i can talk first-hand to that horror.

The Bruce Campbell story will one day be told on this blog.

For years after the incident I avoided any of the Evil Dead films.

Sara said...

Oh my gosh!!! You HAVE to tell this. Sooner, rather than later. oooooo I cringe for you.

Rot said...

some day...

Jay's Shadow said...

Ooohhh, I'd pay for some scratches on the side of my neck.

I would want it done in a mock up of a boiler room, with the steam and fire in certain spots. And I would want them to make it at least 110 degrees in there. Gotta have the full effect. And I would want the full Freddie K. attitude coming right towards me. I want to pee myself. :D

Bruce Campbell MUST be shared.

Rot said...

I dig the boiler room idea...and the heat. Your memories from the encounter would slowly grow into some weird living nightmare.

This is fascinating to me.

Like has there ever been such a thing? Where the character is signing autographs?

My parents once took us to see some mall...we drove so far to get there...and we see this awful skinny man who looked EXACTLY like a great costume...and we both cried. Terrible.

I want that to happen to me with Freddy.

Sara said...

I want to cry, too. Plus, I'm hoping more people will hop on this post and start sharing horrible encounters. Love this.

Rot said...

yeah. would love to hear fan horror stories.

Ragged Grin said...

Lou Ferrigno in full Hulk makeup. I was so totally geeked to see him. My turn came, he looked at me, flexed and coaxed me to do the same. I totally froze. He took a couple steps towards me and I backed away and knocked over one of those coin gumball dispensers. Gumballs everywhere. I looked up and Hulk was shaking his head and laughing. My family loved bringing this up for years.

Rot said...

man, that's TERRIBLE

Sara said...

Jeff, that is awesome. I miss Lou. He's dead isn't he? Lol, I don't know.

Rot said...

may he rest in peace. ; )

he's still alive.

Sara said...

Lol. Oops. I do that a lot.

Willow Cove said...

So cool. Ron Perlman did something like this for a child in the make-a-wish program. The boy met Hellboy and even got to be made up as a mini- Hellboy.

Maybe Bruce can be casted in Mr. Jones 2. You could redeem yourself. ;)

I'd want to meet Darkness from Legend. And I would expect my beer mug to fill up on its own.

girl6 said...

the stories i could tell.
man oh man, ALL saved up for a rainy day.

-tequila shots with the cenobites
-gunnar hanson choking me
-singing "bringing sexy back" to doug bradley
(which made ken fore crack up & join in!)
-trying on george romero's glasses
he actually said YES (he is the SWEETEST MAN EVERRRR & One of the FUNNIEST too)
-telling keir dullea how he & the other dude (in the fur) from "black christmas" were 2 of the Sexiest boys ever!!!. : D
-torturing jeffrey combs to sing show tunes (cause i heard him sing on a commentary once)
-making sid haig laugh so hard he squeezed me to death.
-having ricard hatch call me darrrrling..swooooooon
-meeting clive barker & talking to him about his novel
"mister b. gone" & c.s lewis!!!

there are just too many wonderful stories to tell & some, well, a few just make me feel way too shy to repeat.

Carl & my friend Devon were Always with me at these conventions & Honestly, the (FUN) people that they both are, made it all EXTRA SPECIAL & Possible too..the Best Times.

Rot said...

girl6, thanks for sharing all that : )

very cool.

i have a feeling you've met the most horror icons out of any of us.

Jay's Shadow said...

Jeff, hilarious and horrifying at the same time. I can imagine how big he looked to a small child. :D

Girl6, HOLY CRAP. I need to hang out with you just so I can finally meet a horror icon.

Me, I'm just a poor man that hasn't met a horror/actor. :(

Sara said...

Yeah girl6, sheesh! All I got was a rock!;)

Very cool encounters.

What did Clive Barker say about C.S. Lewis???

girl6 said...

ohhhh & to address this particular post, robert engund is one of the Coolest, people you could possibly meet at a convention, he oooooozes personality & he Loves Loves to talk, but he'll listen to you too & give thought to what you're Actually saying or asking.

i addressed him as Whitey (one of his characters) & asked him to sign a box cover (vhs) of his Phantom of the Opera. he lit up when he saw the box, i think it was a Nice change from ALWAYS being Freddy.

i mentioned how (in my opinion) Christine totally dropped the ball with Erik (the Phantom). i said something like, "she shoulda just been like, "dude take your face off & stay a while!".<333333

he said he was renaming me, Christine!
it got..........Insane.

& when our pic was snapped, i told him, NO Freddy faces, Please. : D..he said, "Awwwww, ok you got it Christine" & gave me a sweet hug..maybe, i'll post it sometime.

anyways..i know i ramble too much on here, i just LOVE discussing Horror.

just want to add..

hey, a convention is the the perfect time to meet sometime & tell em HOW much you Appreciate them...cause, that's what they're there for, for you to interact.. it's A time when you're Not invading their privacy.

i found that celebrities, are really just like your everyday soul on the road of life...they Love HONEST praise & Enthusiasm, they light up, just like anyone else when they're Appreciated.
you should feel free to Celebrate your Enjoyment of another human being, No matter what their status in life is. i only have Positive experiences from all the people i've met at horror conventions.

it's Amazing how taken for granted some of the celebrities Really are. people just walk up to em, mumble hello, stick their photo out for signing & then move on, like it's an assembly line..that's kinds Inhumane, i think.

here's an ex:
when i met george kosana (night of the living dead) i was struck by how lovely & pale blue his eyes are in person. his eyes were truly Beautiful, so i told him, how lucky i was to meet him in person & to see the true color of his lovely eyes..he seemed, Really touched. said something like, no one ever told him that before. i thought that was sucha shame, because his eyes are so very Lovely! it made me happy that i made him feel good by simply telling him something truthful. (doesn't cost a dime to be Friendly, Honest & or Nice)

if they take the time to show up at a convention & put themselves OUT there, then i take the time to give them the Love i feel for them.

Rot, you should NEVER feel ashamed about the Bruce Campbell story. you should feel GOOD that you were Honest & put it out there. i think the REAL sin in life is being Tight..Sharing the love is Not a sin.

Willow Cove said...

You're so cool Girl 6! You could totally have you're own horror blog with all your stories and photos of celebrities.

girl6 said...

Jay, you MUST go to at least one horror convention. keep your eye out for one that has several people that you would like to see. (get it all out in one go!) & going with people you love hanging out with, adds to the Comfy FUN feeling..if you ever need a support system we'll be there for ya!..yep. :)

Jeff that story is Great!!!.
it's like something straight outta an Incredible Hulk comic book..Awesomeness. :)
the 3 of us met Lou a few yrs back..OMG, i swear he HASN'T aged a day..Devon & i just kept staring at him, we were All big eyeballs & speechless...gahhhhhhhhh
Lou's a VERY patient (HUNKY) man.'re a a C.S. Lewis fan?
have you ever read his "Screwtape Letters?"....well, one of the short stories in Clive's Books of Blood is called, "The Yattering & Jack", it's totally a homage to "The Screwtape Letters" & so is his novel "Mister B.Gone"'s funny Clive originally wanted to be a philosopher, but didn't like the whole math angle, so he abandoned the notion. he's become a philosopher of sorts in the end, just like the way C. S. was. (they're Both such great thinkers--beautiful minds)
Ohhhhh!!! & C.S. is also a Clive, but went by Jack, to close friends. (he didn't care for the name Clive). Clive admitted to C.S. making a Huge impression on him..BOTH Clives' have made a Huge impression in my life.

WC..i would Love to do a Blog & share ALLLLLLLLLLL my crappppp!!!..hahahaha..Totally!!!
i am such a BIG GEEK!
you know what, i bet you & Jay would have an AWESOME time together at a convention!!!

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

SOOOOO wish I could make it out there. I've wanted to meet Robert/Freddy since I was a child. And girl6, extremely envious of all your cool celeb stories. Meeting Clive Barker would be amazing.

And Rot - you MUST share the Bruce Campbell story. The Powers of Darkness command you!

Ragged Grin said...

Yeah, one of THOSE childhood memories. I did get a chance to redeem myself a few years back at a Weider fitness expo where I brought the story up to Lou, who is a very cool, very fit, very alive guy, lol...he didn't recall exactly but laughed and assured me that I wasn't the only kid that got scared at those things.

I'm still ashamed.

Sara said...

Girl6, sorry for lagging on the response. I'm not a legit fan of CS, but it's safe to say the majority of people I'm surrounded with are. Lol. I know his works and have read a few, not screw tape letters. Love that Clive Barker didn't like the math part of philosophy. Didn't know it had a math aspect, lol, but I knew I stayed away from that subject for a reason! Hah, I want to love Lewis but I'm just not there yet. I suppose I could love Clive!;)

girl6 said...

HalloweenNut...i'm sure you'll meet Clive one day, i really look forward to hearing about it.. Clive will fuel your soul with the brightness that burns inside of him... :) :) :)

Sara...yeah, check out "Screwtape Letters" some time (very short read) Best demon story ever, so Clever!...Barker is a Renaissance man: painter, writer, & director. maybe, start with one of his short stories first, cause his novels are lonnnnnnnnnnng.