Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monster Pops

I must confess a great fondness for the cake pop.
Wish these things were around when I was a kid.  We had to endure party foods like dry cupcakes sprinkled with powdered sugar.  As if any kid really wants to eat the cupcake and not the frosting.

I hope there's a deep place in Hell for mothers who pulled that stunt.

Image by Rini Sugianto.


Juli Riedel said...

They are delightful little morsels!!!

Jay's Shadow said...

I love these. When we make them, they don't stay in the fridge for very long. I eat them up.

bean said...

I need many of these

Sara said...

Right? And powdered sugar just gets absorbed into the cake do there's nothing even there. Boooooooo!