Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Halloween 1972


Image by Paul Curto.


Jay's Shadow said...

UGH. Childhood memories just flashed in my head and then my eyes exploded.

bean said...

I loved being a 70s kid. Best decade ever.

girl6 said...

this is like my mom's hacienda.
she's always complaining how it's trapped in a 70's time warp. the house is pretty much untouched from when i was a kid.

houses are like.....characters, people.
at certain times, if you listen closely, you can hear them breathing & sighing. when i was really sick, the house from my childhood, SAVED my life. it wrapped me up & kept me Safe until i fully healed. i think i sorta went back in time & regenerated.

Oh & the 70's was Truly special.
a time when the average person on the street could name current ballet dancers or up & coming artists (painters).
it was a time when the government Actually funded the arts. a time when older black men called me, little sister. :)

there was a Unique Glamour that embraced the 70's. beautiful boys like Leigh McCloskey, girls adorned in Giant sunglasses & gorgeously glossed lips! i mean, how Glamorous are those girls in the old giallos, running across the piazza all decked out in their finery of the day.

yeah, i <3 my mom's house
& the 70's. it was such a Wonderful time!!!. :)

Rot said...

exactly what you said.

I liked how kids could be kids...and they weren't all competing with each other by way of fashions. We wore stuff from our relatives...older cousins...our hair was kinda scruffy....and we knew how to wait for things.
It made them better when we got em.

Willow Cove said...

I agree...The 70's were awesome for me. hand me down clothes, Kmart was the biggest store in town (Where I got my halloween mask), and saturday morning pre-cable shows helped shape my imagination...

Autumnleaf said...

Ditto ALL! The only video game was Pong (was that the name?) or pacman, which I never played because the only computers we heard about were in those silly ITT Tech commercials. All summer was spent with the entire neighborhood of kids playing hide and seek or cowboys and Indians (now Native Americans) and if you stubbed your toe you went to the nearest house for first aid. And I do remember being in Ralph's parking lot with my mom and a slew of paper-bagged groceries with her complaining how we spent too much that week. It was thirty something dollars.