Sunday, June 29, 2014

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The soundtrack to a great independent horror film.

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Sara said...

Ok. This film.

Have you ever had a movie you just wouldn't watch? This is mine. I can't explain why exactly. It's not that it hits too close to home but *something*....*something* about it really, really makes me uncomfortable. I can tell it would be a movie where scenes from it would play over and over in my mind tormenting me.

A true horror film, right?

Did you watch it?

I can't even play the music.

Rot said...

Funny you wrote that.
We have owned this film for many many months. And we would occasionally bring it up.
But we'd never be ready for it, based on the trailer/reviews.

But it turned out to be more of a coming of age film...and shot very well.

Mind you, it was twisted, but not in the way I thought it'd be.

We really dug it.

Sara said...

Exactly. I am not ready for it.But your comment made me feel a bit better, lol.

The cinematography looks incredible and extremely fresh.

Perhaps someday...

girl6 said...

we started to watch this last night but the version we found didn't have sound, so we downloaded Penny Dreadful instead, until we catch another version later.

we owned Cannibal (German 2006) for like over a year before we finally watched it, i guess because the thought of actually doing so, Always made feel like i couldn't breathe, but then i watched it with a few other people & i don't know, it just left me feeling empty, i guess sorta hollow. ehhhhh, just wasn't my type of movie i guess..

i used to feel the same way about the Human Centipede before we watched it, but then, i realized it's basically just a modern day, over the top, Dr. Frankenstein (villainy) sorta film. Ohhhh & plus, the fact that Tom Six is such a silly, funny, wacky, guy who let us off the hook when he revealed to his audience, what was REALLY going on in Human Centipede, i was totally cool with it. it wasn't a mean movie made just to hurt your feelings, cause honestly some horror movies have Really-Really hurt my feelings, to where they actually made me feel ill. & that's Not to be confused with being Powerful that's just being MEAN.

i STILL can't breathe, whenever i think of "king of the ants" to this day..ughhhh
that's just Horror Porn.

Rot said...

I like my violence to be obvious violence...and sorta kinda faux violence... home invasion stuff and Rob Zombie horror like in the Devil's Rejects (the hotel scene) is too much for me. Like if it feels totally real, I don't dig it.
Like the original chainsaw massacre - ok violence.
And I'm not sure if I'm articulating this correctly.

There's something about the violence in HALLOWEEN or TCM that feels ok because of the way it's presented.

girl6 said...

You said it, 110% PERFECTLY.

Home Invasion movies are DREADFUL.
i CAN'T Breathe just thinking about it.brrrrrrrr. :(
& Yes, Rob Z. has taken my breath away a few times
& i won't watch those movies again. Nope..
"Lords of Salem" is Not like that tho.

Halloween is a perfect Perfect PERFECT horror film.
it really is.

Yeah, ALL horror is NOT the same.

Rot said... glad that made sense : )

yeah..we really dug Lords of Salem.

Sara said...

girl6 and Rot, well said. Couldn't agree more with a lot of what you both said.

Along the Rob Zombie vein,his Halloweens were harder for me to watch than most "obvious" horror films. A few scenes were just too much for me personally. Even though they probably made others laugh they actually induce an ill-feeling in me like girl6 said.

Jay's Shadow said...

I'm going to be the black sheep here. For some reason I like the realism films, ones that really hit home. I would like to see this film.

I enjoyed the movie The Divide and Devil's Rejects. I just like the realism feel of it.

Heck, if it wasn't for you Mr. Rot, I'd probably never would know that some these movies existed.

Amy said...

Rot I agree 100% on the Zombie stuff. Even the metal baseball bat scene in the H1 remake made me squirm.

You are a GOD for finding this soundtrack. Alternate Universe screams early fall to me :) love it

girl6 said...

Baa Baa black sheep. :)

heyyyyy, we watched this last night.
a few of my Fave things were the openings credits (made me think of Sin City), ALL the VHS love--especially the store, Marty the main character & when my man walks into the room wearing NOTHING but deaddddddd reddddddd &&&&& a gas mask...OMG


girl6 said...

ohhhhh & do you think the boob scene in "Headless" was sorta a homage to "Castle Freak" or nah?

Rot said...

Now that you mention HAD to be a nod to castle freak.

We loved those things you mentioned too. Clearly made by people who LOVED the days of Video Horror.

Felt the end lost its way though, but I totally forgive it. : )