Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dude, That Goalie Was Pissed About Something.

We watched a Friday the 13th marathon yesterday.  It was awful. 

I was surprised that Jason doesn't wear the hockey mask until the middle of the third film.  My current theory is that this isn't really discussed or shared in horror movie trivia due to the fact that these films are horrible.  And nobody cares.

The first and second weren't THAT bad (no hockey mask), but the third is horrid (hockey mask).

I'm wondering if there's a film later in the series that's considered the best of them.  I've only seen bits of the others and can't bring myself to try to find it by way of viewing.


Unknown said...

It's funny, I'm a die hard horror fan..even of some of the big franchises..but Jason never did it for me. I've watched a handful of them, and I agree. They're just terrible. I never understood how they endured for so long. Don't get me wrong, I love some really bad movies...But somehow this series got way more mileage out of a pretty boring concept than it should have.

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

FINALLY! Someone who agrees with me that Jason sucks! I always saw him as just another cheap knock-off of Michael Myers (wears a mask, never speaks, kills horny teens, walks slowly yet always catches up to his prey, etc.) The 70s and 80s yielded some great horror villains (Freddy, Michael, Leatherface, Pinhead), but Jason ain't one.

Steve Ring said...

Psychos and villains should be interesting, if not sympathetic in some way. Jason is a mute mongaloid zombie with zero complexity and no discernible motive for what he does. Other than kind of an air of mystery, which might work for one or two movies (e.g.: Michael Myers in Halloween) he has nothing. There's this meme with a picture of Jason brandishing a machete and the caption "Why do sluts keep coming to my lake?". That's all there is left to it is a big joke. Obviously. there wouldn't be a summer camp there after the first couple of massacres. I can only assume the success of the franchise has hinged mostly on misanthropic low-IQ types who enjoy the senseless slaughter of innocent teens uncluttered by meaningful dialogue, coherent plot lines or 3-dimensional characters that are possible to care anything about.

Jay's Shadow said...

You should watch the one when he is in the future. Jason X I think its called.

Talk about a bad one, yikes.

Willow Cove said...

Jason X
the x stands for excrement....

Jon Glassett said...

It's a shame, because as a horror icon--separate from the films themselves--the image of Jason is pretty powerful. Big, brutish figure in ratty clothes holding a machete. What's not to love about that? But the movies really were bad and clearly just made to capitalize on the slasher trend kicked off by Halloween. I still watch one or two every few years for nostalgia but that's about it. It'd be great if there were a reboot of the tale that gave him a little depth. There's a case (and a huge audience, obviously) for the dumb fun of a slasher film, but Jason as a character has so much more potential than that to me.

Rot said...

great points.

totally agree.

girl6 said...

ughhhh yeah, these movies, the ball was dropped BIG time.

carl & i both, totally subscribe to the parallels that have been drawn between the 13th movies & Mario Bava's "twitch of the death nerve" which was made, i think like 10 yrs prior to the jason movies (especially the 2nd one--the killings are pretty much identical as i remember)...but of course, Bava is a G....soooo.

the FIRST "Sleepaway Cam"p movie totally SUCCEEDS in doing what the "jason" films failed to do & even manages to do it with a crazy "Troma" vibe...the rest of the "Sleepaways" are HORRID. But the first really does a Nice spin on like a modern day, "Homicidal" directed by the late & GREAT Mr. William Castle. (a Big Thanks to my pops for introducing me to that Awesome film <3333333333)

My ALL time Favourite Monster/Villain after ALL the Universal Guys & Gals is hands down Pinhead..the Everyday man who LOST his soul because he questioned MORE..Pinhead, he's the thinking man's Monster..& while MOST of the Franchise (movie wise is Slop) Doug Bradley has NEVER disappointed me. He truly is Poetry in Motion, Everrrrrrry time he dons that Hellraising skin, it's such a beautiful symphony of Maddddddnessss.<333333333

i must say of the Cutest, boy next door types Ever, IS in the First 13th film...yep, Kevin Bacon!!.. : D

Jeano Roid said...

Part 6 - Jason Lives is considered the consensus "better" later F13 film. IMO it's no better than the rest of the dreck after #2 but because it has some element of slapstick people seemed to enjoy it better. Surprisingly, it does get WAY worse when he takes Manhattan.
I watch these occasionally for the sheer fondness for anything 80's / cameos by favorite actors etc.

After #2 they stop formally doing the "white out" death scenes and all the characters become either parodies of earlier characters or featuring stupid special powers etc. By #4 the traditional music starts to waiver.

I would add that for me Elm Street suffers the same fate of stupidness over the series.
Only Halloween seems to stay the course and even in some case it fails miserably.