Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekend Decorating

Going to be putting up some fun Halloween decorations leading up to the High Holiday.  Then we'll take them down and replace them with the props/stuff I've been working on.

We wanted to do some Old School fun stuff though in the weeks before.  Some store-bought foam tombstones...and we're going to hang this guy from a branch of our gnarly old cherry tree.


Anonymous said...

NICE. I think I'm gonna hang some of those skull ghosts you came up with a while ago. (I have a little video of the ones I made on Flickr)

I definitely have the itch to start to put up my haunt. Not quite ready yet. Maybe next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love it

Mark Faucett said...

Really like the old vintage stuff! If you hang that guy out, do you think your neighbors will think the PR creations have stopped?!

ShellHawk said...


girl6 said...

Awwwww, that's gonna be SO MUCH Fun. : )

i wish i had my own, beautiful, old, gnarly, cherry tree to decorate, that's sooo Romantic!!..(maybe, i should hang fun-spooky things on one of the trees in front of the Barnes Museum.. : D)

Have a Great time!!
Oh & when you're done, you can put on your michael myers mask & chase bean around..or vice versa...<333333

Rot said...

we were joking about that.
i have a feeling people will think i've thrown in the towel.


Sara said...

Aaaaand, obviously I hadn't read this entry yet before asking my question, LOL. Sorry!

Shotgun_Mario said...

should have different decorations rotating in and out for the 2 months leading into halloween, slowly adding more and more. :D